High quality military tents!

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To purchase any items, you have to follow these few simple and easy steps:
1-Choose a category by clicking on one of the buttons on the left of your screen, a choice of nine products will appear, and then click on the product you want to buy; the pictures will expand in order to allow you to observe it better.
2-Further to the products description, there is a field in which you can write the quantity of product you want to purchase, the default value is one but if you want several of them, you absolutely have to specify it. Then click on the Order button.
3-A bill appears with the total of all products(excluding tax and delivery price). You have now the choice to continue your visit or to pay your bill. If you havent finished your visit, click on the Continue Shopping button, otherwise click on the Pay your bill button. You'll see a little yellow padlock next to this button; it means the payment is safe.
4-The next page will ask you some personal information for billing, for the expedition and for the payment. You have to complete the fields with a little red star in order to complete the payement. If your delivery address is the same of your billing address,you don't need to write again all your details. Click and copy the billing in the delivery and all your informations will be automatically reported from the billing to the delivery. Then, choose your method of payment and write the relating informations. Click on the Finish button and you will get a printable bill which summarize all the given informations.
As soon as you clicked on the Finish button, your order is sent and now you can no longer change anything, before clicking on this button, make sure you have really completed your purchases.
You can make change on products you have chosen (remove or add products, or modify quantities) or continue to shop by clicking on the Return to bag button.