High quality military tents!

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For over 5 years , Tentemilitaire.com subsidiary PRO -EXPORT offers expertise in designing , manufacturing, and procurement of military and civilian tents.
You find our products in Europe , Canada , Africa, military operations on land, professional farms , civil protection or private use .

All materials used by our workshops are tested in laboratory and extreme situations , in the fields of fireproofing , waterproofing, resistance to tears , friction and UV rays .
Our tents models are guaranteed for 2 years for the canvas and the frame.

Our development department offers to carry out your models according to your specifications from a large volume .

Tentemilitaire.com ensures a delivery according to your expectations and our stock availability , we provide export to all destinations , secure payment and a tracking quality of the order upon receipt of your merchandise.
To contact us quickly :
Email : service-client@tentemilitaire.com
Telephone : 0033.631.793.075